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Thank you for your interest in Natchaug Hospital

Natchaug Hospital is the largest provider of behavioral health services for Eastern Connecticut and is a member of Hartford HealthCare. Our inpatient unit consists of 33 adult beds, 18 adolescent beds and six child beds. Our impressive range of services include Partial Hospital Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, In-Home Treatment Teams, Suboxone® clinics, Extended Day Treatment and Clinical Day Treatment Schools.

Our medical staff is responsible for providing team leadership, psychiatric assessments, and pharmacological treatment/interventions at our 10 treatment sites.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as proficiency with electronic medical records, are necessary for medical staff leadership of the multidisciplinary teams and the managed care environment.

Natchaug Hospital medical staff members use an evidence-based practice approach coupled with compassion and empathy, and see clients and families as partners in their care. They understand trauma-informed care and believe in an environment free of seclusion or restraint.

Natchaug is accredited by Joint Commission and licensed by the State of Connecticut. Innovations include: MedScribe (on-line prescription), electronic medical record, trauma informed treatment planning and crisis intervention, and sensory integration. Natchaug supports continuing education and board certification. Natchaug has received accolades from the Joint Commission for its innovations in the areas of multidisciplinary treatment plans, debriefings after seclusion and restraint, and communication of aftercare plans to the next level of care.