Helping People Find Their Way 

In light of the most recent shooting in California, Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network VP of Operations James O’Dea discusses how to talk to your children and how to overcome anxiety related to these tragedies.



When people in Eastern Connecticut need help with behavioral health – whether for psychiatric illness or chemical dependency – they turn to Natchaug Hospital.

Our Philosophy of Care

Natchaug and its various community-based programs serve people of all ages and stations in life. Our goal is to provide the highest quality diagnostic and treatment services customized to address the special needs of each individual in our care.

At Natchaug, our philosophy of health care is based upon simple but powerful tenets:

  • A person’s journey through the health care system should be as smooth as possible.

  • People should be able to receive the care they need as close to home as possible.

We are fully committed to the dignity and privacy of our patients.

We believe in working as a team, educating and empowering our patients as much as possible to participate in their own care.

At Natchaug Hospital, we’re always there when people need us; we are always there to help people find their way.



2015 Community Health Needs Assessment - Natchaug Hospital